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                 If it's metal.....coat it!
Your one-stop shop for your basic and custom powdercoating needs.

Call Mark for Quote: 843-478-6275

MILITARY APPLICATIONS: We stock FED STD Colors and also provide irridite chemical conversion

HOME:  Bedframes, furniture, windchimes, grills

AUTOMOTIVE:  Chassis, engine parts, wheels

MARINE: Any metal object to be protected from salt water corrosion

MOTORCYCLES:  Frames, engines, exhaust

ATVs: Frames, engines, brush guards, wheels

BICYCLES:  Frames, forks, pedals, handle bars

Over 8,000 colors available and we can make custom blends

Listed above are just some of items that can be powdercoated....the possibilities are endless. Just remember...
If its metal, coat it!

We accept cash, check, and PAYPAL
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